Sunday, November 9, 2008


This is a quick shout out for gas prices.  Can I just say: YES, I FILLED MY ENTIRE TANK FOR UNDER $2 A GALLON???!!!!!

I've been cruising around on empty for the past few days just hoping I would last until gas went for under $2 (probably not the smartest idea since 1. I don't own a cell phone, 2. its been raining constantly, 3. I'm in charge of a 3 year old, a 1 year old, AND I'm PREGNANT). 

Thankfully, yesterday I sat in the warm car while my wonderful, caring, considerate husband stood in the drizzle and filled the tank full.

Thank you Daniel and thank you Costco!


Lori said...

Yea! Very exciting! :) And it is so nice to be married to a gentleman, isn't it. You can bet the boys are learning from him and that someday they'll have 3 very happy wives.

Craig and Bethany said...

Ya-HOO!! We were about to break into the Hallelujah Chorus as we FILLED our wonderful suburban. :)