Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bun in the oven

Since a few people have been wondering about the due date, gender, etc. of the little one on the way, I think a special post for the pregnancy is deserved.

Here is one of those awkward pictures of me posing at almost 22 weeks (halfway done!). How do you gracefully pose for a "look how pregnant I am" picture???

So far we know that the due date is around March 15th (we have had about 4 different due dates, but this one seems about right). We found out last month we can expect our third little boy to add to the Cowger football team. And it looks like this little guy is not being affected by our Kell antibody problem (thank you Jesus!). If you don't know about Kell, I will save that post for another day, but it basically makes my pregnancies high-risk.

All in all, I am in the second trimester and really enjoying it. Thank goodness morning sickness is over (although Logan did enjoy watching mommy "be sick" in the garbage can -- at least some good came of that!). It is pretty strange heaving over the toilet then looking up to see a three-year-old grinning at you like you are putting on a special show just for him.

We don't have a name picked out for the little guy yet, but we are working on it. Feel free to leave your suggestions... in fact, please do!


Craig and Bethany said...

You look great! Hilarious about Logan watching you puke. He is such a hoot!

It was a total blast all the kids playing guns over here. Gotta teach my kiddos the Lone Ranger too!

Names? Mack? Butch? John?

MoBarbiAva said...

That's so funny about Logan getting all excited about you throwing up... It just goes to show that major differences between boys and girls; everytime I do it, Ava's right there rubbing my back saying "ohh, Mommy, you sick? You sick? Ohhh Mommy..."

Btw, I'm still liking Jude.. But Bethany's suggestion of Butch I'm sure will put up quite the competition!

Lori said...

You do look great! And you already know my name suggestion - Cash Cowger. Love it! I can just see him growing up to race cars or something. ;) In the event that Cash doesn't win out, I'm sure that you'll pick a great name. You've done a splendid job so far!

The Boyer House said...

Yay! Most of this I knew but it's still fun. I have always liked the name Liam but I'm not sure if that is your style or not.

Rose Emily said...

you look so cute! seriously you are one of those cute pregnant ladies I see in the store and think,"I hope I look that good when I'm pregnant!" :)I can't wait to hear what you decide to name him!!!

lkgulke said...

Well Cerissa, All I can say that I have been through it and I know what you are going to go through. You will think you kid will do this or that but in reality they will do what they want. Raising three will be a challenge but I think you will do a great job. Karla and I will be praying for you and Daniel. As for throwing up, what can I say, boys will get a kick out of the wierdist things. It was great to see you and the rest of your clan at Gulke house.