Friday, February 20, 2009

Let The Countdown Begin...

We are officially expecting baby Cowger #3 in less than one month. As I just returned from a trip to the mall today, I am reminded of how close we are to the end. Especially when I am asked repeatedly (by everyone I come into contact with, or even just happen to pass by) if I am due to pop (or explode, depending upon the tact of the asker) any day. No.... baby Cowger still has 3 full weeks to GAIN MORE WEIGHT. Let us pray this little guy does not posses his older brother's competitive nature in which he will last long enough to beat Thad's 9lb. 1 oz. birth weight. "Can my 5'3" frame even handle a bigger baby?", I ask my doctor. Supposedly, yes, it can. But I will not like to see it happen.

Logan is so excited for the baby to "pop out." He is already making plans for playtime. According to him on the way home today, Logan will hold the baby, and Logan will stop Thad (or slap Thad...I wasn't quite sure what he was saying) from hurting the baby. Thad is aware I have a baby in my tummy, but then again, he thinks he has a baby in his tummy too.
Stay tuned for pictures of what has been keeping me occupied for the past month or so -- my obsession over the baby room. We are closing in on the finish line, and I plan on having it finished before my official due date!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Love Day!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Look Who's Two!!!

We started out the morning with a duo of "Happy Birthday" by Logan and Mommy followed by the opening of the above present.  An ironic book about how dinosaurs share their toys with their friends.  Ironic, I say, because the boys spent most of the day fighting over who got to have the book.  

Next, Thad (and Mommy and Logan) enjoyed delicious Chocolate Chip Pancakes with whip cream smiley faces.  Scrumptious, indulgent, but also nutritious with flax seed and rolled oats. To check out the recipe, go here.  
mmmm.... serious sugar intake at 9 a.m. (can this only lead to trouble?)

Later that evening we were joined by various family members to celebrate Thad's big day of the year.  Mommy made Baked Spaghetti to feed an army (which we will now be eating for the next couple of weeks!) and Snickers Ice Cream Cake.  Thank goodness cousin Emma is ready and willing to run interference on would-be candle blower-out-ers.  

The toddler toy groupies at the present opening bonanza.

And finally, the icing on the night.  Motorcycles galore.  A miniature motorcycle that Thad insisted on sleeping with and the Harley Big Wheel that he can ride 'round and 'round the house all day long.  Let us pray this is not insight into a future love of grown-up motorcycles!

Happy Birthday to you, Thad!  You bring joy to our lives and a smile to our hearts.  

Thursday, February 5, 2009

THIS will wake you up in the morning...

I looked up this morning while washing my hands at the kitchen sink to be totally shocked by the sight of a moose standing directly in front of our house. I think I actually screamed since my mind could not comprehend what it was seeing for a few seconds (a dog the size of a small car???). After spending some time checking out our neighbors back yard across the street, the big guy decided to come over and enjoy some greenery from our yard-- much to Logan and Thad's delight. Since our backyard is fenced, we lost track of him when he went between our next door neighbor's house and ours.

What a crazy year it has been in our "inside the city limits" neighborhood-- forced forest fire evacuation, record breaking snow, and now giant wildlife wandering the streets. Makes for lots of excitement, expecially for the boys!

P.S. Logan informs me he LOVES moose (and now he will pretend to be a GIANT MOOSE for the remainder of the day).