Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mountain Man

Able to scale tall mountains. Strong enough to climb to the highest peaks. Wear-er of 'backpacks' on both his front and back. And, yes, all while wearing only underpants under all that armor (and sunglasses under the Lone Ranger mask). Don't ask me where he came up with this new character. With the very limited amount of television Logan views, his imagination works overtime inventing new personas... and I love it!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Death to Dust Bunnies

Yes, it is true.  Dust bunnies to longer lurk in my corners.  Bread crumbs do not grow beneath the kitchen table.  And dog hair does not dance across the hardwoods.  I have found the answer to my quest for clean floors.  Thank you Electrolux for creating my new best friend: the Ergorapido.  

Okay, maybe that is taking it a bit far.  But really, anything that will fight the constant battle with toddler crumbs and assist me in my nesting habits is welcome to reside in the corner of my kitchen.  

Similar to a dust buster on a stick, this puppy has 12 volts and a constant charge and it is ready any time you need to suck up a mess with no cord to get in your way.  It is light, so us pregnant women do not regret vacuuming for the rest of the day, and easily manuevers under tables and around chairs.  It even has a dust buster built in!  I could go on, but I will spare you.  After reading rave reviews, I was delighted to receive this vacuum/sweeper as a much hinted for Christmas present and I am happy to say it meets and exceeds my expectations.  Yes, I do actually enjoy keeping my floors clean now!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fireman Travis

After much anticipation, we finally made a trip down to the fire station to visit one of Daniel's buddies, who just happens to be a much sought after fire fighter!

We could tell right away Logan would not go near the truck easily.  Like most things that he finds scary, we knew the fire truck would become a point of obsession.  After much silent observation of Travis and Thad checking out the truck, Logan decided to get a little closer.  He eventually let me talk him into sitting in the driver seat on my lap (don't ask how I fit up there with my pregnant belly and a 3 year old on my lap).

Travis in the breathing mask...

and the boys' stunned reaction...

Here we are in the driver's seat.  I'm still not sure how I climbed up there with Logan!

One of the boys' favorite parts--turning the lights on.  I think they made Travis turn them on 3 times.

Thad man saying "cheeeese" in the driver's seat.

and my favorite part....Logan's homemade fireman helmet and firetruck.  For the rest of the night we were demanded to refer to him as "Travis."  Seriously.  Even when he was done being a fireman, he asks "mommy, should Travis go be the lone ranger now?"

Thank you Travis for the fun experience!  I think Daniel and I had just as much fun as the boys checking out the truck and having a tour of the station.