Friday, December 12, 2008

Thad & The Terrible 1.8's

Before 11 a.m. on Thanksgiving day at Great-Grandma Carter's:

1. Put fingers in the butter dish ready and waiting for Thanksgiving feast

2. Get into (and somehow open) bleach and windex while mommy is in shower -- thankfully none ingested

3. Crush a dried flower arrangement in guest bedroom all over the carpet

4. While mommy is cleaning up said flower arrangement, take bites out of pear in Thanksgiving centerpiece 

5. Put fingers in butter... again

6. Pull a statue from bookshelf causing it to break

7. Take more bites out of centerpiece (along with a few grapes for variety)

8. And lastly, look so darn cute and innocent that mommy won't be able to do more than scold and try to keep up even more!


Craig and Bethany said...

What a riot! Any nick names coming from this? He totally cracks me up!

Lori said...

He's hilarious! He seems to be the dare devil of the family. You should start taking bets on when your next trip to the ER with him will be... ;)

Ben and Rachelle said...

What a goof ball! This is the same Thad that was having a hard time keeping his cute little fingers out of the vegetable dip at Natalie's birthday party! He sure is a cutie!:)

Ben&zSarah said...

Cerissa your little guy is so stinkin cute! But this post makes me nervous- that is going to be us next year.